Forms & Fees

Returned Check Policy

For any process paid by check, MASCUSA will deposit your check upon receipt and initiate processing immediately without waiting for the check to clear the bank. If your check is returned for any reason, you will be required to pay the amount of the check, plus a $25 returned check fee, by Cashier's check or Money Order, or through PayPal. If this is not paid within two weeks, MASCUSA will reverse, to the extent possible, whatever process you had paid for. If you are a member, MASCUSA will suspend your membership privileges until payment is received. In addition, MASCUSA has a one strike policy. If your check is returned MASCUSA will no longer accept a check from you for any reason, in perpetuity. Please ensure that funds are available to cover your check. Thank you!

Board approved July 1, 2013.


To learn about the registration process for Miniature American Shepherds, visit the Registration FAQ page.

Membership Dues

To learn about MASCUSA membership, visit the Membership page.

Breeders Directory Listing

MASCUSA Members Only

To view the directory, visit the Breeders Directory page.

Listing Type Amount
1 Year $50.00
3 Year $125.00

New Listings: To apply for a new directory listing, submit the New Directory Listing Application found below.

Renewals: Renew your directory listing by submitting the form below. Next, visit the Breeders Directory Fee page to send payment for the listing fee. Listing renewal fees are only accepted through PayPal. Directory listing renewals will not be processed until fee is received.

If you have any changes to your contact information, please email the Corresponding Secretary.

Directory Listing Renewal Form

Advertising in Tuesday Talk Bulletin

MASCUSA Members Only

To learn about the Tuesday Talk Bulletin visit the Community page.

To apply for announcements and advertising in the Tuesday Talk Bulletin, submit the Advertising Application.

Advertisement Type Amount
Kennel Ad (Business Cards), per month (all Tuesdays in the month) $15.00
Litter Ad, per month (all Tuesdays in the month) $30.00

Affiliate Club Dues

To learn about the affilliate club program, visit the Affiliates page.

To apply or renew an affiliate club, submit the Affiliate Club Application & Renewal Application.

Membership Type Amount
1 Year To encourage the formation of affiliated clubs, there will be no annual dues until further notice.


Must be a MASCUSA member to file a dispute against another member.

To review the rules and file a dispute, visit the Disputes page.

Dispute Type Amount
See rules on the disputes page. $250.00