MASCUSA Committees (Active)

Miniature American Shepherd Health and Genetics Committee

Charter: Health and Genetics Committee Charter

Committee Chair: Tammy DeVito
Committee Members: Lindsey Condra, Kayla Starnes
Committee Liaison: Monica Rinehart

Nationals/Event Advisory Committee

Charter: Plan and organize the National Specialty. Organization and/or support of events such as Meet the Breeds, Supported Entries, and Specialties.

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Juniors Committee

Committee Liaison: Lisa Wilson

Special Programs Committee

Charter: Develop club programs for the Miniature American Shepherd to include Hall of Fame Kennels, Hall of Fame Sire/Dams, Versatility Awards, Top 20 Merit Conformation, and MVMAS Program. Also discuss recognizing Top 20 MAS in each of AKC's performance/companion events.

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Internal Financial Review Committee

Charter: The important goal is acting as a third-party review group with varied accounting backgrounds who can subjectively look at procedures and controls and offer input to the full Board to improve them.

  • Committee should be comprised of 2-3 MASCUSA members in good standing that are not currently serving on the board.
  • To review the accounting and recordkeeping processes of the Club.
  • Prepare a report to provide information to the membership regarding the management of the Club's finances.
  • To provide feedback to the Board to assist them in resolving questions about the business of the Club, and setting policies and procedures that safeguard the Club's assets for the future.

MASCUSA Board Approved January 5th, 2021

Obedience Rally Committee


  • Work with various affiliate representatives throughout the country to help them promote education, promote opportunities for Miniature American Shepherd owners to train and work with their dogs, and promote AKC events in their area of performance for Miniature American Shepherds.
  • Promote your performance area for the Miniature American Shepherd through educational articles for the Tuesday Talk. These articles can be from experts outside MASCUSA, from MASCUSA members in general, from committee members or written by the committee head. The subject matter will be educational including such topics as how to get started, where to look for training, how to get your dog to do a specific skill, or describing someone's experience in the area of performance.

Agility Committee

Mission Statement: To promote, recognize, and improve the agility experience for MASCUSA Members.

The Agility committee is the advisory group to the board for matters concerning agility. Topics can range from New or revised rules, special awards, promoting agility and how to get involved in agility. This committee was formed in December of 2020.

Agility is a team effort which takes training and consistency. What better way to put the energy, work ethic, intelligence, and great attitude of the MAS to good use. These small dogs are great athletes with power, speed and a willingness to please. Agility Courses consists of various obstacles that have to be negotiated by the handler and the dog in a timely fashion. Obstacles consist of jumps, tunnels, teeter, dogwalk, A-frame and weaves.


  • Promote education and opportunities for members to train and work with their dogs and attend agility events in their area.
  • Promote agility and effectively communicate to members via Tuesday Talk and dedicated Facebook page. Communication may include agility training videos, articles and any agility changes.
  • Design, develop and provide member training videos to provide foundation for beginners to higher level competitors.
  • Annually recognize:
    • Top 5 MAS dogs in each agility class
    • Top 5 MAS dogs for Invitationals

Members: Donna Crary-Johnson, Kim Black, Jeri Frye & Taylor Hayes

MASCUSA Committees (Inactive)

Breed Standard Evaluation and Education Committee

Charter: Breed Standard Evaluation and Education Committee Charter

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Committee Procedures

To learn about how our committees are formed and their procedures, visit the Committee Procedures page.

Application Process for Committee Volunteers

Interested members are encouraged to apply to volunteer on a committee. Requirements for serving on a committee include:

  • a minimum of 6 consecutive months In Good Standing (IGS) prior to appointment
  • access to email for electronic communication
  • access to phone services for (sometimes long) telephone conference calls
  • the time to devote to committee work
  • expertise or experience in the area in which you are volunteering
  • any of the above requirements may be waived by the Board of Directors

Download the Committee application below and then submit the application via email. You will be contacted by the board to discuss your interests and what you feel you have to contribute to the work at hand.

Committee Application PDF