Code Of Ethics


As the AKC Parent Breed Club, The Miniature American Shepherd Club of the U. S. A. (MASCUSA); We are dedicated to promoting, preserving and protecting our dogs and their owners. MASCUSA promotes sound and responsible breeding practices dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the AKC Miniature American Shepherd. We advocate the highest ethical standards among breeders, owners and fanciers while encouraging a spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation among the membership. MASCUSA has adopted the following Code of Ethics to promote and foster these high standards in the improvement and advancement of our breed. All members in good standing with MASCUSA agree to uphold this code.


MASCUSA requires members to sign the Code of Ethics:

  • with initial application for membership and upon membership renewal.
  • with Breeder Directory application submissions and renewals.
  • with Awards program applications (HOF breeder/HOF breeder excellent).


Should a violation of the Code of Ethics appear to exist, the Board of Directors should be notified and action may be taken in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of The Miniature American Shepherd Club of The U.S.A.

Member Conduct

MASCUSA members shall be expected to express good sportsmanship in all activities involving the Miniature American Shepherd.

Members should refrain from unnecessary criticism of another's dog.

Members shouldn't exhibit any dog in conformation with a known disqualification per our breed standard.

A Mentor Breeder pledges to help educate the general public in a positive manner, as well as graciously assist the novice breeder in all that is familiar.


When planning litters a breeder should:

  • plan each breeding with the paramount intention of improving the breed.
  • select a stud and dam with an eye to conformation, temperament, working ability and intelligence with a careful study of the Miniature American Shepherd Breed Standard, pedigrees and basic principles of genetics.
  • before entering into any stud service arrangement; scrutinize the pedigree, health, temperament, conformation, type, clearances recommended by OFA CHIC and working potentials of both sire and dam; keeping in mind the ideal Miniature American Shepherd as described in the Miniature American Shepherd Breed Standard.
  • use for breeding purposes only those individuals free of defects, such as monorchidism, cryptorchidism, deafness, albinism and other disqualifying defects with the exception of size.
  • use only those dogs whose hips have been x-rayed for dysplasia and rated fair to excellent by OFA.
  • use only dogs whose eyes have been examined and found free of ocular deformities by a qualified Veterinary Ophthalmologist. Use of those with breeder option codes are at the discretion of the breeder but should be disclosed.
  • refrain from using dogs which although free from genetic defects, consistently produce afflicted puppies.


Each member who breeds a bitch or uses a stud for service should keep accurate records in accordance with AKC Regulations for Record Keeping and Identifying dogs.

Any member who falsifies a registration or knowingly misrepresents a pedigree, to include limited-to-full registration to or from another registry, should be reported to the MASCUSA Board of Directors.


A breeder should be discriminating in the sale of his dogs/puppies and concerned with the type of homes in which they are placed. With this in mind, Miniature American Shepherds shall not be donated for raffles, giveaways, sold to dog wholesalers or retailers, such as pet shops or the like.

A breeder should, for their own protection, as well as that of the buyer, provide adequate written contractual proof of sale and guarantees, at the time of sale or prior, that is signed and dated by both parties.

Contract should include but not be limited to:

  • a minimum of six (6) month written guarantee against crippling or handicapping congenital defects on all puppies sold.
  • additionally, guarantee the sale of breeding stock puppies against all hereditary defects and any disqualifying faults for a like period (not to include wither height).
  • if Buyer is unable to keep the dog, the breeder must be contacted and willing to assist to re-home or take back the dog.

All guarantees should at least provide for replacement of the puppy with another within a reasonable length of time after the return of the puppy originally purchased.

A breeder should transfer all applicable registration papers at the time the purchase agreement/contract is completed unless the contract states otherwise and is signed by all parties.

Upon the sale of a dog/puppy, the breeder should also include diet and care information, a health guarantee and an inoculation record with date given, type of serum and date of expiration.

A breeder should refrain from releasing a puppy until it is at least eight (8) weeks old.


The breeder agrees that in all advertising of their kennel, dogs/puppies and achievements should be factual and honest in both substance and implication. The breeder will preface all awards with the club, registry and/or breed name (when applicable) for which they were achieved. Hall of Fame, ROM, Breeder of Merit, CH, Top 10/20, etc.

A breeder should be cautious in encouraging buyers as to breeding potential, as the breeding of Miniature American Shepherds is not to be taken lightly.

The use of a club or AKC logo without appropriate permission is considered unethical and could be illegal.

Approved by the MASCUSA Board of Directors April 7, 2022.