Miniature American Shepherd Health and Genetics Committee


  1. Research prevalence of health issues in the breed.
  2. Recommend updates for the CHIC program, as needed.
  3. Coordinate with health database sites and laboratories for health statistics on the breed.
  4. Maintain a list of sites providing quality information on health and genetics.
  5. Research and develop educational material.
  6. As needed, develop a budget/cost projection for expenses.

Administration of the Purpose

  1. All major work products of the committee must be submitted to the MASCUSA Board for approval prior to releasing to the membership or the public.
  2. All work generated by the committee for the committee is the property of MASCUSA with the exception of educational articles or unsupported research will remain the ownership of the author or researcher.
  3. Proposals should be submitted to the Board liaison who will present the proposals to the MASCUSA Board for review and approval.
  4. Submit a report, quarterly or as directed by the Board, of all issues under consideration with recommendations or findings of the committee, supporting documentation, motion and vote results to the Board Liaison for presentation to the MASCUSA Board. Report should be submitted in a format that may be prescribed by the MASCUSA Board.
  5. Design and develop forms, as needed. The MASCUSA Board must approve all forms to be used by the membership and/or the public.
  6. Coordinate with other committees, as needed.
  7. Provide content for the MASCUSA website to the MASCUSA Board.
  8. The MASCUSA Board reserves the right to amend, alter, or otherwise change the charter for all committees.