Registration FAQ

The breed known as the Miniature Australian Shepherd was accepted into the AKC in June 2011 with the new name of Miniature American Shepherd.


Registration now through Stock Dog Registry Services ONLY

MASCUSA ended their registry services in 2016 per the agreement with AKC, however, the AKC studbook for this breed remains open. In order to protect the integrity of the stud book and maintain continuity of services, Traci Phillips, our past registrar, established Stock Dog Registry Services, LLC through which all the MASCUSA registry services will be continued.

This includes pedigree verification process for dogs entering the American Kennel Club as Miniature American Shepherds (MAS) as well as registering litters for offspring of various approved registry crosses for Miniature Australian Shepherds that wish to enter the AKC registry.

Stock Registry Services is the only registry selected by MASCUSA through which dogs can be registered with AKC. However, according to the contract between MASCUSA and SDRS, and as done before, only those dogs registered with MASCUSA approved registries will be eligible for AKC registration utilizing SDRS.

SDRS only offers registry services. Memberships and other club related documents will continue to be mailed to MASCUSA and payments for those processes will be made to MASCUSA.

SDRS is a separate entity monies for registry services must be paid to SDRS, and the SDRS forms need to be used. Information and forms may be found on the Stock Dog Registry Services website. PayPal invoice will be sent from Stock Dog Registry Services.

If you have questions please email Traci Phillips or visit the Stock Dog Registry Services website.

Again, please make checks payable to SDRS and mail all registry process to:
Stock Dog Registry Services
PO Box 676
Eustace, TX 75124